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The owners of Solicon Conservatory Roofs saw an opportunity in a busy marketplace for a quality product, but at affordable prices for customers. With countless years of industry experience between them, the team at Solicon Conservatory Roofs have put together a top-quality product and service. Our very affordable prices have enabled the company to thrive in a massive competitive marketplace. Driven by our teams of skilled and time-served installers, we travel to site, and complete the job quickly, professionally, and most of all - to an outstanding standard.

Only the Finest Products Used at Solicon

We only use the best branded products - two levels of insulation, both solid, and the latest technology SuperQuilt - which has 19 layers, and Tapco lightweight tiles, all of which are compliant to all regulations and BBA approved. This will ensure you that we can transform your conservatory to make it a habitable, and cosy place all year round, adding value to your home, without breaking the bank.

Benefits of a Solicon Conservatory Roof

By changing to a Solicon insulated solid warmroof, you will gain an additional space, that can be utilised all year-round – unlike traditional conservatories, which are essentially unusable for half of the year. We can transform your conservatory into a room that can be suited to any purpose - from a dining room, sitting room, to a kitchen. Cosy and warm in the winter, and lovely and cool in the summer. What you do with the space is up to you!

Imagine how much heat you are losing through your roof? This is saved by having a Solicon Conservatory Roof – we will save you up to 97% of the heat loss, and make the room a cosy, relaxing place all year round.

Solicon can help to add value to your property - especially at our prices. Glare reduction from the sun, harmful UV rays, even noise from the elements including wind and rain will be reduced - enabling you to relax with a book, or watch television without any distractions. You will eliminate the need for any upkeep, a Solicon Conservatory Roof is maintenance free - the Tapco tiles are backed with a 40-year manufacturer's guarantee.

With all the above benefits, it's not surprising that hundreds of UK householders are upgrading their old glass and polycarbonate (plastic) roofs for an insulated, tiled,solid warmroof from Solicon Conservatory Roofs.

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