Solid tiled insulated conservatory roof

Why change your conservatory roof to a solid roof?

Since a change in building regulations in 2010, there are now many options for conservatory owners, both new build and retro-fitted solutions to existing structures,but the question is, why change? This post will give a few reasons and try to answer that question.

Why change your conservatory roof? You have already paid out thousands for having a conservatory built, so why spend more? Well, you wont spend any more on your conservatory if your happy with it, completely happy.

So problems........

Drafty, loose plastic roofing panels? Condensation between the glass roofing panels?

Is it unbearably warm in the summer?

Is it freezing cold in the winter?

Does the roof leak? Any mould? Is it generally looking forboding and not as enticing when first built? Can you use your conservatory all year round, in comfort at all times of year?

All of these problems can be overcome by changing the conservatory roof to an insulated, tiled conservatory roof.

Now, which roof to choose? Since the relaxation of building regs in 2010, there has been a surge of companies, mainly struggling double glazing companies, taking on the new market of conservatory owners who are seeking a more comfortable conservatory. So there are at least ten different solid roofing solutions for our aspiring conservatory owners to choose from, many companies who are dabbling in a new emerging market trying to make a fast pound. So what to do?

There are comparison sites that host many of these different companies who will come and quote you for their particular offering, or there are specialists who literally sell one product and do it well. That is where I believe is the answer lies, you can engage a large company who sell multiple products, windows, doors, extensions, kitchens, bathrooms, conservatories, fascias, guttering, etc..... or you can give your business to a specialist conservatory roof Company who install one product, using only LABC and BBA approved products, whose installers are fitting the same bespoke conservatory roof every day and getting it right first time, every time.

The branded goods we install on our conservatory roofs include Tapco slate tiles and Celotex and Superquilt insulation. Our roofs can be installed with a minimum of fuss and generally in less than three days, including plastering. Options include a choice of internal ceiling, LED lighting, and Velux windows. AND, at a considerably smaller cost to you as well.

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