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Products Explained

During the transformation process that we provide at Solicon Conservatory Roofs, on most occasions we retain the structural rafters of the existing roof. If there are any issues with the integrity of the unit, then the whole roof will be replaced, and remodelled with timber ring beam and full rafter system.

The glass or polycarbonate roofing panels are removed and recycled. In the space created we install a solid PIR (Polyisocyanurate) slab insulation either Quinn or Celotex brand, once secured in place a tanalised timber batten is secured under the rafter to which we attach the 40 mm Superquilt insulation blanket. This is constructed of 19 layers of lightweight heat reflective multifoil, which is fireproof, BBA approved,NHBC and LABC certificated to give our customers both exceptional performance and total peace of mind. This is then cross battened again which increases the structural integrity of the roof and allows an air space between layers for air circulation which will prevent any condensation. On this last batten we then secure the internal ceiling which can be in light reflecting upvc tongue and groove panels or plasterboard and plastered. Externally the rafters are cover in an external OSB (oriented strand board) , breather membrane and the covered with our top quality Tapco tiles in a colour of choice. The final touch is a new pvc fascia board to accomodate the additional depth, rainwater goods, lead flashing to all joints. Internally there remains a choice of mood LED lighting and the option of Velux opening windows.

Our Products Explained

Our installed roofs are built up layer upon layer, from the inside skin to the finished exterior tiled surface, with as many as nine layers,* which is why we can achieve outstanding U-Values on the finished product - as low as .13W/m2K, if desired.

To help you understand all this confusing jargon, the standard of .18W/m2K is twice as efficient as a cavity brick wall (.35W/m2K), so as you can see, our insulated warmroofs are incredibly efficient at both retaining and reflecting heat, therefore keeping you cool in summer, and warm in winter.

*not including the 19 layers of insulating surfaces in our SuperQuilt blanket insulation.

Expanding on the diagram, this is the process from the inside out:

1. Internal Plasterboard or PVC Shiplap Cladding

  • 1. Internal plasterboard or PVC Shiplap Cladding

  • 2. Tanalised Timber Batten

  • 3. SuperQuilt Blanket Insulation

  • 4. Tanalised Timber Batten

  • 5. Solid PIR Celotex Insulation

  • 6. Tanalised Timber Batten

  • 7. OSB External Timber Board

  • 8. Damp Proof Breather Membrane

  • 9. Tapco Lightweight Tiles

  • 10. Tapco Ridge and Hip Tiles

The build-up process of the layered insulation has air gaps in between the layers that enables air circulation throughout the roof and air to escape through the ridge preventing condensation.

Afterwards, a plaster internal skim can be applied, if the plasterboard option is selected.

LED lighting can be incorporated into the ceiling upon request.

At the joints or box gutters, lead flashing will be used to retain water-tightness to the property.

What We Use

This is the lightweight synthetic slate that we specify on the roofs. Six stock colours available:

LABC Registered Details is a one-off certification process proving compliance with building regulations and standards across England, Wales and Scotland.

Lightweight – as low as 12kg per square metre.

Fittings (ridges and hips) are mechanically fixed.

Choice of colours (6 standard colours stocked for immediate availability).

40-year warranty.

Local Authority Building Control (LABC) & Local Authority Building Standards Scotland (LABSS) Registered Details product.

Fully tested to BBA, ETA and CE standards, including fire rating, wind, driven snow & rain, and water absorption

BRE testing for wind-driven rain found TapoSlate Classic to perform much stronger than all equivalent materials tested and at a lower pitch.

TapcoSlate Classic is not made from recycled plastics but is manufactured from recyclable virgin limestone and polypropylene.

801 Stone Black

  • 801 Stone Black

  • 804 Pewter Grey

  • 706 Plum

  • 709 Brick Red

  • 712 Chestnut Brown

This the secondary layer of insulation that is flexible, and ideal for roofing. It is super light and very heat reflective - up to 97%. BBA agrement certification 17/5388

The multifoil construction is 42mm in depth and is made of 19 layers including reflective foil, expanded polyethylene and polyester wadding, this will reflect up to 97% of heat so keeping the warmth in in the winter and deflecting it away in the summer keeping you cool.

The primary solid board PIR insulation that we use.

Is certified under BBA certificate number 17/5405 and 16/5352