Insulated Conservatory Roofs

Solicon® Insulated Conservatory Roofs is your trusted partner for transforming your conservatory into a cosy, energy-efficient space. We specialize in providing top-quality, plastered, tiled, and insulated roofs that not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of your conservatory but also significantly improve its thermal efficiency. With years of experience and a commitment to excellence, we take pride in offering the best solutions in the industry.


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Upgrade to an Insulated Conservatory

Investing in an insulated conservatory roof is a wise choice for homeowners looking to add value to their homes while enjoying a more comfortable living space. Our insulated conservatory roofs provide exceptional insulation, turning your conservatory into a versatile room that can be used throughout the year.

With Solicon®, you can transform your conservatory into a warm and inviting dining area, a cosy home office, a peaceful reading nook, or any other purpose you desire. Say goodbye to extreme temperatures and high energy bills.

  • Energy Savings
  • Temperature Control
  • Reduced Glare and Noise
  • Extended Usability

Insulated Conservatory Roof Repair Services

Maintaining your insulated conservatory roof is crucial to safeguard your investment, ensure your comfort, and maintain the energy efficiency of your living space. Neglecting the necessary repairs and upkeep can lead to issues like leaks, decreased thermal performance, and the potential need for costly replacements.

While Solicon® doesn’t offer direct conservatory repair, we focus on restoring your existing roof when possible. Our goal is to maximize your investment. If your roof is beyond repair, we offer a seamless replacement with our durable and energy-efficient Insulated Conservatory Roof system. Trust Solicon® Roofing for professional solutions to keep your conservatory in top shape.

Benefits of Insulated Conservatory Roofs

Investing in a new roof from Solicon® provides a wide array of advantages.

Energy Savings

Solicon®’s roofs can help you save up to 97% on heating bills, thanks to their exceptional insulation properties. Say goodbye to excessive heat loss during the winter.

Temperature Control

Regulate the temperature in your conservatory with ease. No more sweltering summers or chilly winters. Our insulated roofs ensure a balanced interior climate.

Reduced Glare and Noise

Our roofs diminish glare from the sun, block harmful UV rays, and provide excellent noise insulation against adverse weather conditions, allowing you to enjoy your space in peace.

Extended Usability

Our insulated conservatory roofs enhance insulation and climate control, making your conservatory a versatile living space. It’s ideal for dining, working, relaxing, or gaming. Solicon® makes it all possible.

reduce heating bills with insulated roofs

Savings on Heating Bills

One of the primary issues with aging conservatories is the substantial heat loss they often experience. This can lead homeowners to overcompensate by cranking up their central heating or resorting to electric heaters, causing energy bills to soar.

Our conservatory roof insulation solution tackles this problem by incorporating a high-performance insulating foil certified to retain valuable heat. This not only makes your conservatory more energy-efficient but also contributes to overall cost savings on your energy bills in the long run.

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enhanced look with conservatory roof

Enhanced Aesthetics

Our conservatory roof insulation enhances the aesthetics of your space. With a sleek and polished appearance, it elevates the overall look of your conservatory, making it more appealing and inviting.

Contact us to explore our advanced conservatory roof insulation solutions and how they can transform your space while enhancing its visual appeal. Transform your conservatory into a cost-efficient, energy-saving, and aesthetically pleasing retreat.

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UV-Ray Protection for Your Roof

Our roof insulation, with its radiant barrier, goes beyond reducing heat gain and loss. It also acts as a shield against the damaging effects of UV rays, preventing your roof from fading or discoloration. This means you can bid farewell to unsightly yellowing roofs and safeguard your furniture from UV-ray-related damage.

Moreover, the solid appearance of the conservatory roof insulation eliminates issues with sun glare, providing a more comfortable environment for activities like reading, studying, or working from home. Your conservatory becomes a space where you can enjoy relaxation and socialization without discomfort.

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Quieter and More Private Space

Solicon® Insulated Conservatory Roofs not only enhances privacy in your conservatory but also elevates noise insulation. This means you no longer have to contend with the distraction of loud rain clattering against the roof. Your conservatory becomes an oasis for unwinding, whether you intend to use it as a reading nook, dining area, or home gym. It’s a tranquil and serene space where you can fully enjoy your activities in peace.

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Insulated Conservatory Roof Installation Process

Our installation process is designed for efficiency and long-lasting performance:

  • Removal of Old Roof: We remove your existing roof, including glass or polycarbonate panels, and dispose of all waste responsibly.
  • Modern Construction and Insulation: We construct a new roofing structure using tantalized timber, accompanied by a solid PIR (Polyisocyanurate) slab insulation, providing exceptional heat retention and insulation.
  • Multi-Layer Insulation: Multiple layers of insulation and reflective foil enhance heat trapping and deflection. Cross-battening and air circulation prevent condensation.
  • Interior Finishing: We secure the installation of an internal ceiling, offering options like light-reflecting UPVC tongue and groove panels or plasterboard. Externally, the rafters are covered with OSB, breather membrane, and top-quality Tapco tiles in your chosen color.
  • Thermal Efficiency: Our multi-layer approach ensures outstanding U-Values, making your space incredibly efficient at retaining and reflecting heat. You’ll stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Why Choose Solicon® Insulated Conservatory Roofs?

When you choose Solicon® for your conservatory roof, you’re investing in both aesthetics and energy efficiency. Our industry-leading products, expert craftsmanship, and commitment to customer satisfaction make us the ideal choice.

Transform your conservatory into a year-round retreat with us. Contact us today to learn more about our exceptional service or to request a free quote.

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